Hats is a type of clothing.

List of Hats that can be bought Edit


Bald : Standard issue military hair.

Chestnut Bum

Chestnut Bun : You tie your hair up, recruit!

Brown Shaggy

Brown Shaggy : You know what's up.

Black Swoosh

Black Swoosh


Long Black Hair

Long Black Hair : Seriously how is this hair even allowed?

Sk8er Boi

Bead Head

Unkept Long Hair

Snow Cap

Spooky Skull

Blond Flow

Beanie Girl Hair

Army Ranger

Army Ranger : The Army Rangers are an elite unit of American soldiers.

Costs 1400 gold.

Srgt. Major+

350 Intel required.


Sauve Hair

Captain Hat

Uncommon Hats Edit

Officer Cap

Officer Cap: Warning: to be worn by officers only!

Ninja Assassin

Ninja Assassin: Danger lurks around every corner. You must be brave to survive.

Red Swoosh

Red Swoosh: It takes 2 hours to get your hair to look like this.

Desert Ops

Dessert Ops: For all the advanced ops you need to do.

Rare HatsEdit

Comedy Mask

Comedy Mask: Ha! Hahahaha! HAHAHAHAH!

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