If you find any glitches in the game post them down below. You can upload pics or any type of proof of the glitch.

In Assault, reset in the portal when there is sudden death. The game will say "Spectators Won" and you will get a victory.

Sometimes, everyone respawns right when a round begins, either ending the round or forcing players to wait a few minutes before the next round. It is also possible for a few people to not glitch spawn.

Occasionally, killing a person gives two kills and double the rewards.

It is possible to spawn outside the normal spawn area after a minigame mostly when you have played on tile break arena.

Prior to the v1.15 update, you could disconnect from your internet and spam click on the daily gift for a maximum of 5 seconds, then reconnect your internet to receive a ton of gifts (known as lag switched). This is now patched.

If you press backspace and drop your gun to the VIP the VIP can use your gun.

Sometimes in Assualt you respawn as spectator when you're not supposed to.

Sometimes when touching the balls in the lobby you can glitch through the floor of the lobby and get flung into space. It's fun.

There are times when you attempt to breach the portal in Assault, but it won't end the game even if you're in the portal. To fix this, go to the game menu and press reset.

If you stick the gun out of the portal in Assault and have the rest of your body stay in, you can actually hit people without getting hit yourself (like wallshooting). This is a good defensive tactic to help your team, especially on maps like Trainyard. It can also yield you a lot of EXP, gold and diamonds.

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