For the wholehearted War Games patron, unmatched perks that stack.

Executive Clearance
  1. 30% XP boost to reach the highest ranks faster (stacks with other clearances for 60% total)
  2. 2 bonus executive votes during next round voting (stacks with Premium Clearance for 4 total votes)
  3. Your name in the lobby and your rank emblem in lobby & chat appear as awesome blood red, regardless of your rank
  4. Executive-exclusive Illumina sword you can use in the lobby to fling other players (doesn't do damage)
  5. Executive-exclusive Blood Warrior II skin for your character
  6. Nothing gets past you! Most fakes in GUNS R US unboxing will be revealed
  7. [EXEC] prefix and red text in chat
  8. Cost 4,950 robux

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